The Kindness of Strangers

By Leslie

A couple of weeks after my husband fell on our cement sidewalk and hemorrhaged in to his right leg and knee, he was still having many problems – standing, walking, etc. One night when he went to the bathroom, I heard a thud. He had slipped and sat down so hard on our wood toilet seat it broke! He was sore, but really okay. However, the toilet seat was a different matter – fractured, through and through. Since I needed to use this bathroom, he devised a temporary repair, splinting the seat with a piece of wood and wrapping fiber tape around the seat.

The next morning I called our plumber (of more than 20 years) explaining the situation. He said it sounded like we need a safety toilet with grab bars – available at the Walgreens and other medical supply stores. I told him we had no one to go and purchase this, and I, at least, would temporarily be happy to sit on a non-splinted, non-splintery seat!

To make a long story short, Donny and his fellow plumber arrived at noon that day, with three safety toilet seat set-ups! We chose one that worked the best in a very tight space and, believe it or not, he returned the other two to Walgreens whence they had come.

I was overwhelmed with his kindness. Of course, the pediatrician/mother in me gave him some books to read to his three month old infant, as he would take no recompense for all his extra trouble on our behalf.

Whoever said that kindness has fled this world? We continue to be the recipients of many gestures of kindness – from friends, family and even, as in this instance, relative strangers.

August 2019