Notes: June 15, 2009

June 15, 2009

LAH-Sr. Writing Project Notes:

Today was our first meeting at the Wood’s Public Library. In attendance were Jim, Betty, Sherri, Ruth, Liz (who was back for her second meeting, Carolyn, a member of the LAH board and also volunteer driver, and a new member Cecilia.

We did a round of introductions, which started good conversation and connections. Those of us who have been around for a while re-introduced ourselves and even learned a few new things!

Sherri had typed up a schedule based on our planning meeting two weeks ago and passed out copies to everyone. She reviewed the plan for next week: a field trip to DeGrazia’s studio and figured out who’s picking up whom. We were all pleased to know there is no charge for admittance this time.

We caught up on reading writing the participants have done recently. Jim read “Famous Names,” Ruth read what she’s written so far in “Chapter 9 – The Fortune Teller.” It’s incomplete at the moment, because she’s unable to write for long periods of time since she broke her elbow. We look forward to hearing about the fortune-teller! Betty read, “Remember me and smile!” Laura had left us her laptop; so after everyone had read we showed everyone our WordPress website. There were several new comments, which was exciting.

Sherri said she noticed no one had written about our trip to the museum. She reminded everyone that the field trips are our summer writing prompts and that she hopes they will be sure to write about them, then share what they’ve written the following week.

We adjourned for the day, while looking forward to next week’s trip.

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