July 6, 2009


From Lesley

A wonderful meeting packed with writing and sharing, a little yoga, and, of course, food! Michele presented us all with a writing exercise that caused us to think about economizing our words, to become succinct and then very specific about our thoughts. Excellent!

We shared our writing, which was naturally the highlight of the afternoon. Liz, our newest member, shared her thoughts about the groups’ recent experience at the De Grazia studio.  BettyRuth, and Jim also wrote about the trip. Betty read a crisp reflection on the Winterhaven Fourth of July celebration, and her piece called A Nightmare in Reality’ … which it was! If you could only imagine being stranded in 103 degrees F… .

Planting seeds for all of us, Jim wrote and read his quick piece personifying seeds (a great pleasure, as always), and simply by coincidence, Betty had written a piece about Jim called The Master Gardener’! Could it have been planned any better? Read and enjoy them both here. Then, let us know if you think they planned their work together, or if the two just happened to be thinking along the same lines.

Ruth has added Chapter 9 to her book. She taught us what was meant by the expression “born under the veil”… Do you know what this means? She read the chapter’s first draft to us, and says would like to work on it a bit more — so that it more to her liking. You will all have to wait patiently to find out about ‘the veil’ and the new adventure before it will be posted here. Unfortunately, Ruth’s elbow still pains her from her fall. The pain affects the speed and duration of her writing, which she does all by hand.

To check out new work by individual authors, click here.

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