July 20, 2009


From Betty

Senior Writing Group Tours France

The Senior Writing Group toured southern France and Paris, a two-week tour!  The group departed from Sherri’s cozy home Monday, July 20, 2009.  On board were Jim, Ruth, Liz, Arlene, Betty and Skip, Betty’s sister.  Also on board were Laura, Carolyn, Michele and Sherri.

What a delightful trip into the long ago past with its ancient buildings, unbelievable lavender fields, street performers, gypsies, magnificent stained glass windows in old cathedrals, and native cats popping up all over the narrow streets and interior courtyards!

What a gift that someone somehow helped preserve and protect those long ago scenes.  It is hard to believe those huge, tall buildings made of stone and mud clay stood all these years for people and tourists to enjoy and wonder about.

Looking around, we visited the gypsy wagons with the craftsmen at work, the open air market with colorful fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh shrimp. We saw golden-red horses as big as Clydesdales, the fabric district, the opera house, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Arc de Triumph, and spiral stairs to the bath and Marie Antoinette’s hamlet, her own farm to hide away from the stresses of royal life.  The sheep, chickens, goats, and gardens were spectacular.  We even saw a McDonalds fast food restaurant!

There was so much to see, so much more to explore

— While looking at slides

What a grand way for seniors to travel!

In review,

Jim read “Seeds on the Windowsill” and a commentary on Virginia Woolf

Liz shared her experience about take off and landing by air on the short runway of a small island

Arlene left early

Carolyn provided rides

Laura multitasked with one eye on the slides and one following the computer screen

Michele treated us to cookies and facilitated the meeting

Ruth suggested a tour of the Navajo Code Talkers at the U of A museum

Skip, Betty’s sister, visited from Show Low for a couple of days.

Betty read her story, “Nightmare #2.”

As a wise man said only a week ago, “It is my opinion. . . .” Now it is my opinion that Sherri graciously shared her home and her trip to France.  Thank you, Sherri.  We enjoyed it.

Chatter.  Laughter. A great sense of friendship.

Join us.  It’s fun.

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