July 13, 2009


Afternoon at the Center for Creative Photography; coffee at Bentley’s

From Lesley
Monday, July 13, 2009

While the United States Congress and Sonia Sotomayor began their display for the American public, and the Tour de France cyclists discussed the possibility of a strike at the start of stage 10 in Limoges due to their objections to a proposed radio ban at stages 10 and 13, Lend-A-Hand Senior Writers paraded themselves among the famous  — Andy Warhol, Truman Capote, Marianne Faithfull, Iggy Pop, David Hockney, Yoko Ono  — through a stunning exhibit of portraits by the late Robert Mapplethorpe, photographer.

Portraits’, an exhibit currently showing at the University of Arizona, Center for Creative Photography, allowed each of us a moment to peek through Mapplethorpe’s lens. His self-portraits offered a glimpse, too, of a life cut short by an untimely death.

Later, we hopped the elevator to see the Ansel Adams and other photos, upstairs. Then it was off to Bentley’s for refreshments and chatter. Wonderful afternoon! We plan to meet again this Thursday morning, this time at the Mid Valley Athletic Club, just south of Broadway, on Tucson Blvd. We’re signing up for Silver Sneakers! More to come. . .

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