May 4th, 2009


From Lesley

Ruth is Back!

What a lovely surprise to see Ruth at our meetings, once again! As some may know, Ruth had broken her elbow in a fall and has been slowly but surely recuperating. The fall apparently hit hard so it has taken a while for Ruth to get back in the swing of writing her book. Be sure to look for her latest chapter, “Wading In the Ocean”!

Jim reports that he has been having fun with writing stories from ‘given’ words. He and Laura’s son have been exchanging lists of ten words each, only to compose short vignettes with those very words. “It’s tricky stuff,” Jim tells us, and he enjoys it immensely. He read two.

Betty’s daughter Wendy has returned to NYC, so Betty writes “Alone Again”, a heartwarming piece about all that’s changed. She also talked about the harrowing journey home for Wendy… a nightmare of weather too bad for flying and airplane delays.

Next Monday we will be on a fieldtrip to Sabino Canyon; our tram ride is in order, along with a picnic lunch; more on this upon our return.

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