April 6, 2009


From Lesley

Our typical meeting at the Church brought a fair amount of chatter about our lunch experience the previous week at Green Things Nursery. (Be sure to view the photos on the Front Page.) As a result, we’ve planned another excursion — this time we shall be taking the bus Downtown for Library and Lunch. I’m sure there will be lots to report when we return.

Betty shared four new pieces, all of which have been posted on her pages here. Check out her new titles: Hands, Earth Night, Mother’s Story, and Waiting for Night — you’re certain to enjoy these. After hearing Betty read Mother’s Story, Sherri suggested that she send the story to the local Historical Society in her hometown as the work could well be one of the few accountings of their beginnings. Betty’s work entitled Hands is a heartfelt metaphor of woman’s life: hers. I’d love to see this piece expanded, but Betty says she never revises… perhaps she’ll simply ‘add on’, feeding her hungry audience with her ‘touching’ words.

Jim told us he had received a letter from Wendy, who is still here in Tucson. A fine correspondence has developed there: between Betty’s daughter Wendy, and Jim.

Both Betty and Jim talked about their recent library visits, Jim having been dragged there (in handcuffs, no doubt) by his daughter. He got to do some Google searches and read his work (and comments on his work) on this site. Betty announced that the Friends of the Library Book Sale will occur, once again, beginning this April 17th.

All in all, a lovely meeting… tea and coffee and biscuits… chatter and yoga and love. Until next week…

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