February 16, 2009

Lend a Hand – Senior Writing Project

February 16, 2009

Session 5 – Week 2

Attending: Jim, Ruth, Betty, & Sherri

Jim told Sherri about the writing exercise from last week, that wasn’t actually assigned, but he did. It was a list of 10 random words to be worked into a story. He really enjoyed it and asked if there might be more lists of words on the web-site from which the original list came. Sherri said she’d look it up from home, as the wireless network at the church was down today.

His story was very good, as always! Betty shared hers as well. She said that hers was just a collection of words, but that Jim’s was an actual story. Ah, Betty, you’re so hard on your own work!!!

Sherri shared some Valentine’s cupcakes with the group, which took a few minutes to distribute. Next she introduced today’s writing exercise which involved writing about someone’s hands, in detail. The group unanimously wanted to have that one as homework, as they wanted more time to think about it.

We still had plenty of time, so instead of the writing exercise, we used the time to discuss the field trips they were interested in for the future. The first is the Tucson Festival of Books on March 14th and 15th. Sherri will get all the specifics of the festival and will bring it next week. At that time the group will decide which portions they want to attend, and we will make a schedule accordingly. If transportation is needed from Lend A Hand, we’ll coordinate with Michele.

The second trip will be a brown bag picnic at the nursery Jim told us about. (Each will bring their own lunch.) When the schedule is decided for this one (sometime in April) Jim will contact the owner/manager of the nursery to make arrangements. Again, we will either carpool or arrange for transportation with LAH. An interest was expressed in doing a field trip each month, if possible.

Since we still had time left, we chose another 10 words from the dictionary to do another story like the exercise Jim liked so much. We shared, cleaned up and went home!

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