Notes: January 26, 2009

Lend a Hand – Senior Writing Project

January 26, 2009

Session 4 – Week 4

Attending: Jim, Ruth, Betty, Vivian, Sherri, Lesley.

Huzzah!! Lesley is here today. So we are, of course, catching up.

News and Sharing:

Jim has decided not to write his book, based on concerns about the graphic violence he’d have to describe. He’s decided that’s not something he wants to go through, or share. He’s enjoying the things he’s writing now so much, he doesn’t want to switch.

Sherri passed along some of the papers to be typed to Lesley, and there was discussion. Then we moved on to sharing this week’s writing. Betty wrote about many different things this week and shared, “Home Is Where the Heart Is”. The stories that came out after she read, were just as much fun as the ones she read.

Ruth shared chapter 7, “I broke the sewing machine!” As usual, hearing Ruth read the story herself was wonderful. Her way of reading with expression is delightful.

Jim had been writing his piece this week, but it’s incomplete so he’ll share it next week.

Lesley brought up and explained the writing exercise for the day as something that can help them with their weekly writing. It concerned writing about dreams as part of the story. Should we continue the packets as they’re currently structured?

Vivian felt she needed to edit her story before sharing and will do so in order to share next week.

Lesley reviewed the reading packet. We closed up quickly because Laura had arrived to drive folks home.

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