Notes: January 19, 2009

Lend a Hand – Senior Writing Project

January 19, 2009

Session 4 – Week 3

Attending: Jim, Ruth, Betty, Vivian & Sherri

We had our first meeting in the church library today. The heater works very well, and heats the room up quickly. Everyone liked the new room better. It’s smaller, cozier, is right next to the kitchen, and the round table makes conversation easier.

News and Sharing:

Jim’s birthday was yesterday, so Michele left a very yummy carrot cake for us. (Thanks, Michele!) Sherri had a lot of papers to hand out today. She gave copies of all the web site comments to everyone, and gave them copies of the StoryCorps report for them to proof prior to uploading. For once the group was very quiet! They were busy reading the comments from the web site. Everyone seemed to really enjoy them.

Next Ruth read the next chapter in her Visit to Aunt Sadie’s. Again, she had us all laughing, this time about the goose! Jim read us his journal from the past week. He wrote prolifically this week, so he also shared a story he’s been working on for a few weeks.

Vivian shared her writing from the week, a story about her move to Arizona. It looks like she’ll be expanding on this one.

Betty wasn’t sure she wanted to share this week, after hearing everyone else’s writing! We convinced her that we wanted to hear it, and were amply rewarded for our efforts. Thank you Betty!

There was discussion about the possibility of a field trip to Green Things, a nursery that all the participants have been to and enjoy.

There was so much writing shared from the week, that we never made it to the exercise!

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