Notes: January 12, 2009

Lend a Hand – Senior Writing Project

January 12, 2009

Session 4 – Week 2

Attending: Jim, Ruth, Betty, Vivian & Sherri

News and Sharing:

We had a little bit of a late start today, and the room was quite cold. The pastor of the church offered us the library to meet in, as the heater works well, but no one wanted to switch. However, we’ll meet there next week.

Next Ruth read the next chapter in her Visit to Aunt Sadie’s. It was hilarious and she had us all in stitches. No other sharing of writing from the week, until we got to the homework portion (last week’s writing exercise.)

Jim read his recipe, titled, “My Recipe”, Ruth read hers, titled, “Recipe for a Good Writer”, Vivian read hers, entitled, “Recipe to Be a Little Girl”, and Betty’s.

We then moved on to this week’s writing exercise which involved using poetry as a writing prompt. As always, the results were quite profound. Because the exercise called for listing things that make us “blue”, Ruth was not comfortable. She prefers to focus always on the positive and happy. However, she participated as well.

The group is becoming quite prolific and all members have something new they’ve written each week. Sherri’s having a hard time keeping up with typing their work and getting it uploaded! It’s a great problem to have!

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