Notes: Feb 2, 2009

Lend a Hand – Senior Writing Project

February 2, 2009

Session 4 – Week 5

Attending: Jim, Ruth, Betty, Vivian, Lesley & Sherri

We had a lot of “housekeeping” chores to do. Lesley told us about two writing workshops coming up at Pima Community College. She explained all the details and benefits and said that Michele is working on getting sponsors to pay the costs. We’re to check our calendars.

Lesley told Jim about ordering his book from Amazon, and that it’s on its way. She also had questions about the writing that needed to be done, returned originals and got input, etc.

We need to ask Michele for some coffee “bags.”

Lesley discussed how Ruth’s writing has some similarities in style with Virginia Woolf’s.

Then, we moved into the writing exercise for the day. Everyone shared. Lesley asked Betty to read one of the reading selections from the packet, then reviewed the readings.

Jim shared his writing from the week: The Dirty Dozen. As usual, he cracked us all up. His humor is always apropos.

We actually finished a little early and had time for more discussion!

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