December 1, 2008

Lend a Hand – Senior Writing Project

December 1, 2008

Session 3 – Week 1

Attending: Jim, Ruth, Betty & Sherri

This is our first week without our fearless leader, Lesley! She’s off to jolly old England for the holidays. Sherri is facilitating during Lesley’s absence. Many thanks to Lesley for preparing our packets in advance of her departure, as well as to Michele for copying them for us.

We started today with settling in with tea and snacks, then began our journal writing. During the sharing portion, Betty, Ruth and Jim shared. During our News and Sharing time, Ruth shared her latest chapter in her “A Visit to Aunt Sadie’s.” Jim shared his “Thank You” piece; Betty shared her piece about past Thanksgivings, and Vivian shared her memories based on a photo. All four gave their pieces to Sherri for publication on the website.

Sherri introduced the StoryCorps questions and handed out the list. We reviewed the interviewing process which spurred a great deal of discussion. The group wanted more time to think about their answers than is allowed for in an interview. We agreed that they could do the writing as homework, for review the following week. The assignment was to choose a minimum of three questions to answer, from the list in the packet.

We reviewed the readings from Lesley. Sherri highly recommended “Flowers for Algernon” to the group as there was some hesitation due to the length.

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