December 22, 2008

Lend a Hand – Senior Writing Project

December 22, 2008

Session 3 – Week 4

Attending: Jim, Ruth, Betty, Vivian & Sherri

News and Sharing:

We did free writing/journal writing for 10 minutes. Jim shared his about his Winterhaven adventure during the week. Ruth wrote about her revision process on chapter 3 of her story. She spent 4 or 5 hours and hated it! She said she’ll never do it again, that it’s much easier to just write it right the first time. Betty shared her journal writing about one of the prompts. The one that says, “Remember me and smile.” We all loved it.

We talked about their past week, and only Ruth had some writing she’d done that she wanted to share. It was the infamous revision she’d spent so much time on. We all assured her that it had been well worth the time. It was much richer and painted an excellent portrait of a lovely summer day.

We jumped right into reading their answers to their StoryCorps questions. The questions this week were about parenting and their children. Everyone noticed that ALL of them had chosen the question, “Are you proud of me?” and had answered it as though their children had asked them the question. The answers were all beautiful. Sherri collected them to type up and add to the StoryCorps compilation. Sherri gave out the next set of questions to be answered for the week, and told them this is the last to be answered. She also reviewed the upcoming schedule: no class on the 29th, week 5 of session 3 on January 5th, and session 4 to begin on January 12th.

Michele stopped in to say hi to everyone, with perfect timing. Her visit signaled our social time. Gifts and cards were handed around along with lots of Christmas cheer.

It was a lovely day.

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