November 3, 2008

Notes: Senior Writing Project
Nov. 3, 2008
Session 2 – Week 2

From Lesley

In attendance today:
Betty, Ruth, Jim, Marty, Vivian, Lesley

News: Ruth brought the bell!

Today we celebrated Vivian’s birthday, which had been October 23 – yippee! Michelle B. baked a lovely chocolate cake with pink icing to inaugurate our festivities. We sang the birthday song and teased Vivian, of course offering all the usual best wishes for a happy and healthy year to come. We also found out that Betty birthday is the same day as Ruth’s: October 9th. Next year, with any luck, we may have an opportunity to celebrate all three!

Writing experiences:
We began with Journal writing today, each of us making a commitment to keeping a journal. We used a Sheila Bender exercise from “A Year in the Life” beginning with a ‘help wanted’ ad for the ‘Journal Keeper within”. We wrote and shared, each of us reading our unique pieces. Betty’s and Ruth’s work on this has been published on their individual authors’ pages, on our website. Vivian plans to polish and publish hers there, as well.

The question now, “What do we put in this journal?” Each of ours will, of course, differ… we may use prompts or not… all remains to be read.


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