November 17, 2008


Nov. 17, 2008

Session 2 – Week 4

From Lesley

In attendance today:
Betty, Ruth, Jim, Vivian, Lesley

Today we were able to see the website! Everyone is encouraged to contribute. Betty’s daughter is reading her work from afar and she has been able to comment directly on the website for all to see. This is wonderful news. Ruth would like her son, who lives out-of-town, to read her work too. Ruth will be posting her memoirs of a childhood journey, onto the site.

Writing experiences:
We started, as usual, with the journal entry. Ruth says she’s having trouble with the journal. Ruth asks, “What’s the difference between a journal and a diary?” Jim answers, “The diary is private; everybody reads the journal.” We all had a good chuckle.

We didn’t quite get to the descriptive paragraphs so all will bring back their photos next week (Betty wants us all to meet twice, weekly). We did, however, get to re-write our journal entries in a concise, 2 or 3 sentences, with our less-dominant hand. That was tricky business. Vivian did very well with her handwriting, and Betty was able to précis her very long work down to two sentences. Then we each read and shared our journal entries (touché, Jim!)

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