November 10, 2008

Notes — Senior Writing Project

Nov 10, 2008

In attendance: Ruth, Jim, Sherri, Betty, Vivian, Lesley

We had a little bit of check in time, prior to jumping into journaling. Lesley did some “prompting” discussion about Armistice/Remembrance/Veteran’s Day and reviewed the written prompts. Asked everyone to journal about the day/holiday for about 10 minutes.

We had hoped to be able to show off the webpage to everyone, but ran into technical difficulties. Hopefully, we’ll be able to show everyone next week.

Ruth’s bell rang; everyone stopped writing. Each reviewed their writing. Ruth wanted to share what she wrote, but we got distracted by coffee and doughnuts. She shared after refueling. Ruth had written about the ‘War to end all Wars’ and the prayer time at the 11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11th month (the supposed time the First World War ended.) Betty shared also, but about WWII. Sherri asked if she could put it on the website. Betty said she’d think about it. Vivian shared her journaling and her homework; both centered on Viet Nam era/protests. Betty also shared her homework essay based on the photograph, as did Ruth. Jim was reticent to read, but decided to share after the others. All were different views and writing styles, and all were interesting.

The assignment for next week is to bring 3 personal photographs to be used as writing prompts. However, if participants prefer, they can go ahead and do the writing at home. The directions from last week’s photo essay will apply to the new set of photographs and form the foundation of the writing exercise.

Introduced/discussed the “Scene/Specification” exercise. Wrote, with direction, until just prior to the end of class. We followed up w/some general discussion about class nuts & bolts.

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