September 29, 2008

Senior Writing Project
September 29, 2008


Attending today were Ruth, Vivian, Betty and Sherri. Lesley was attending a workshop and could not be here today. We did a check in to see how everyone’s week had gone. Vivian told how she’d had to stop writing in order to come to our meeting! We discovered that Ruth will be 91 in October, and Vivian will be 61 on the 23rd . There was a lot of talk about dogs due to the fact that we were all “greeted” by a cute little dog at the door of the church.

We talked about deciding our focus for writing. Ruth will be bringing in a children’s story she worked on in the past; Vivian is continuing with her memories spurred by “the box” of photographs; Betty isn’t sure.

We reviewed the packet Lesley made up for us. (Thank you Lesley!) And decided to do a writing session in which participants could choose to use one of the prompts from the packet, or about a topic of their own choosing. We wrote for about 25 minutes, then shared.

Ruth told us she wasn’t feeling especially inspired today, but she wrote about the wedding she attending this past weekend. She was impressed by the unity candle lighting.

Vivian expanded her work about the “box”.

Betty read what she’d written, period. (Commentary by Betty ☺)

We closed and went home.

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