October 6, 2008

Senior Writing Project — group writes poem together!

October 6, 2008


In attendance: Betty, Ruth, Vivian, Jim, Lesley, Sherri

We reviewed the agenda and started on the poetry activity almost immediately. There was some confusion about the goal of the activity, but it produced the following poetry from the original article:

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Who are we without 5 minutes ago?
Who are we without our stories?
Our need for story,
Story as container.
Writing keeps me sane,
Writing to make sense,
To find meaning,
Reasons why.
Why is a distraction.

Meaning you cobble together.

Holding a pen in my hand,
Writing calms me.
Truth is what I’m after,
I’d never said when I was young.

Writing memoir is who you used to be
And who you are.

Vivian did the letter writing assignment over this week and asked some questions about the difference between narrative and a letter. Read her letter; it was very descriptive.

Ruth shared her childhood memory story entitled “My Trip to the Country.” It takes place when Ruth was 8 years old, in 1925. Lesley gave her some techniques she might use to help her extend the story.

Jim is feeling better and will be adding to his story during the coming week.
Betty read her “Ode to Friends of the Library” which was and exciting segment that Friends of the Library could well use for a publicity prospectus.

Lesley talked about online publishing and mentioned that money can be made from ebooks, but they are more commonly made available online, for free.

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