October 13, 2008

Senior Writing Project
October 13, 2008


Today we celebrated Ruth’s 91st birthday! Thanks to Michele for the cake and other goodies! Ruth was quite touched by all the thoughtfulness. There was discussion about the desire to do some kind of thank you to Michelle, sometime around Thanksgiving, for all she’s done for Lend a Hand and those in the group. The next birthday will be Vivian’s, who will be 61 on the 23rd.

Sherri read through Michele’s announcements. We are waiting for confirmation on our room availability, but everyone will be notified about next week. There is a rummage sale in November; flyers were passed out. Vivian discussed how the workshop has helped her to focus more on her writing and that everyone does have a story to tell.

Jim shared with us. He wrote about his coffee group, with which he meets every morning. His sharing spurred a discussion about the need to, and importance of, getting out to see others when one lives alone.

Ruth shared what she had written this last week, as well. She has continued to expand her account of her childhood memories.

Betty wrote a lot this week, but left it at home, otherwise she would have shared with us. She did mention a quote she’d heard and attributed to Louis Carroll. The essence was, “Start at the beginning, write to the end, and you’re done!”

Vivian shared her writing about a happy family moment. She said she took Ruth’s advice to write about something happy!

There was discussion about knowing older relatives, and family relationships prior to launching into our writing time. After writing, before sharing, a discussion came up about black out wardens, enemy submarines off our coast, etc.

Ruth shared after doing an “I remember” prompt. She wrote about a beautiful snowy morning that she called a “winter wonderland.”

Vivian shared her writing of, “Zoe’s Shining Moment” about her daughter’s graduation.

Betty shared her writing on the “Give Me Your Morning” prompt.

Sherri shared her writing about her Grandfather.

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