Two Weddings

by Vicki

I went to two weddings this past weekend – one in a small town in New Mexico, and one out in the country in the mountains of North Carolina. One was in an old adobe church, with rough wooden benches and a beamed ceiling, and one was on a very green lawn partly in the sun and partly in the shade. One bride and groom, Annie and Zac, live in Albuquerque. She is a pharmacist and he has just finished his PhD. His father’s family are Bengali and Muslim; there were many of them at the wedding and they were so proud of his PhD. The other couple are Mira and Jarret. Mira is a yoga teacher and Jarret is a man of many talents, including recording an album of his own songs. Mira’s family is from South Africa and Israel. Both Mira and Jarret are Jewish by birth and Buddhist by choice. They have a lovely mix of Jewish and Buddhist tradition in their wedding. My brother, who has one of those mail order certificates to marry people, married Annie, who is his step daughter, and Zac. Hector, a friend of Mira and Jarret, married them outside under a chuppah that Jarret built. Annie and Zac had Indian food at their rehearsal dinner at a picnic area in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains, east of Albuquerque, and they had dinner after their wedding at the Hispanic Cultural Center. Mira and Jarrret had vegetarian food cooked by a friend of theirs for dinner after their wedding and they had a brunch the next morning. We ate outside under a tent on wooden tables built by Jarret and drank out of mason jars painted by Mira.

Both weddings were wonderful, with lots of family and friends of each bride and groom. There was a lot of mingling of people who didn’t know each other with the question: “How do you know Annie or Zac or Mira or Jarret?” heard often. Another good conversation starter was: “Where did you come from?” Or just, the simple: “Don’t they look lovely and so in love?” There was an abundance of love in the air, much happiness and many smiles. My favorite guests were little girls at both weddings, in their sparkly dresses and shoes. If they weren’t so young, they could be accused of trying to upstage the bride. The little girls loved all the pageantry and frills of the wedding. I did too. I love weddings, so this was the perfect weekend.

May, 2012

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