Trina and Reggie

by Vicki

We have a cat named, Reggie. Her full name is Regina; she is named after our friend who found her in a Barnes and Noble parking lot. When we got Reggie, we already had a dog named Toby. Toby was a very sweet dog, who was terrified of Reggie. Reggie would stand just on the inside of the doggie door and Toby would be afraid to come into the house, because he knew Reggie was waiting on the inside for him. She would hide behind chairs and walls and jump out at him when he walked by. We tried to protect Toby from her, but we weren’t always successful in that. Little did Reggie know that the very soon the tables would be turned on her.

Toby died and after several months; we found Trina at the Humane Society. The information that came with her said she was good with people, other dogs and cats. I believed the information. I bonded with Trina as soon as I saw her and happily brought her home. The minute we brought Trina into the house, Reggie took one look at her and ran outside. While I had believed the information about Trina, obviously Reggie did not. It turned out that Reggie was correct in her assessment of the situation.

Our cat lived outside in our front yard for the next six months. I fed and put her water bowl on the patio wall. I would go outside and talk to her and pet her each day, but she would not come inside. When we took Trina out for walks, Reggie would at first hide, but little by little she began to come up to Trina, who was on a leash, and touch noses with her. Sometimes, I think Reggie forgot about Trina, and she would casually walk into the house, only to see Trina and run back outside, her hair standing on end. I had begun to think that Reggie would always be an outside cat. Then one day, after many months, Reggie just walked inside and stayed. She and Trina seemed to have worked out a kind of truce. I don’t know when or how they did this, but they both seemed to understand the terms of the truce. Trina would pounce on Reggie, Reggie would flatten herself on the floor and hiss, Trina would walk away and Reggie would go about her business. I think that every time Trina pounced on Reggie, she was doing it in memory of Toby. I also think that Reggie taught Trina how to live with a cat – not in complete harmony, but also not truly a threat to the cat. They continue their uneasy truce with each other to this day and it has been over eight years since we got Trina. Every time I see them sleeping together on our bed, it makes me smile and gives me hope for all the other beings on this earth who think they can’t live together.

March, 2012

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