Overwhelming Task

by Vicki

We are going to get new floors in our house. We have very old and tired carpet now and we are going to replace it with wood floors in most of the house and new carpet in the bedrooms. I am excited about this and, at the same time, I am terrified. I wake up in the night worrying about this. I’ve put off getting rid of our carpets long after they needed to be changed. Just the thought of moving all our furniture to take out the old carpets and put in the new floor fills me with dread. I know I won’t have to do the moving, but I will have to do the packing. My husband and I are book collectors, so we have 1,000s of books that will need to packed up and moved off of their shelves. My husband also collects CDs and DVDs, so there are 1,000s of those to be moved also. There are also lots of things – pottery, pictures, dolls, ceramic items – just lots of knick-knack type things – that will need to be packed up. Also, because our closets will have new flooring too, all the things I hide in the closets will have to be moved. So just doing all this packing and moving is daunting to think about. Another big problem is where to store all this stuff, since we can’t store it in the house. Finally, there is the problem of where we will live – Robert, Vicki and the two dogs – if we can’t live in our house during all or part of this work. There is so much to think about, so much to worry about. This is the kind of situation that I find myself wishing I was like the witch in the television show “Bewitched.” I so desperately wish I could just twitch my nose and have everything done, like magic.

I know that once this is all over, I will be very happy that we did it. It will be lovely to have new floors, but I think the side effect of this may be even more important for us.  It will help us really look at all our stuff and decide what we want to keep and what we want to get rid of. It may also help us decide how to simplify our lives. I think that collecting and keeping all this stuff just sort of drags us down mentally. So if we can lighten our stuff, maybe we can lighten our minds. I am hoping that both of us can un-attach ourselves from some of our stuff. I’ve already given away four bags of books to the Friends of the Library and a sack of miscellaneous stuff to the Lend A Hand yard sale. I think it is easier for me to do this, but even Robert has been able to give away some of his books. So we have begun the work. Now I just wish I had a year to do this rather than a couple of weeks!

September 2013

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