Only Dog

By Vicki

Hobbes was the youngest of the bunch (2 dogs and a cat) and now he is the only one. People say: “Oh poor Hobbes, he is an only dog now. He was must be lonely.” But I’m not so sure he is poor or lonely.

I had originally thought I would look for another dog, when we got back from our retreat; but now I don’t know. Hobbes is not the friendliest of dogs to other dogs, although he is quite friendly to people. He would probably love it if we adopted another person into our home, but I’m not so sure he would be that happy about another dog.

Hobbes was really bullied by Trina, our other dog. She was older and she was alpha dog. Hobbes always deferred to her and over time, she took more and more advantage of that. It got so bad that when we left the dogs with a house sitter, Hobbes was too afraid of Trina to eat his food. It always made me feel guilty about leaving him. So now, he can eat his food without fear when he wants, drink water when he wants, sleep in our room, and go anywhere he wants without Trina bossing him around. I think Hobbes is pretty happy now and I’m not sure that bringing another dog into the mix would be good for him.

I think the idea of another dog is more for the people in the house, rather than for Hobbes. So I have to decide if my need for another dog is more important. I have visions of a smaller sweet female, who would look up to Hobbes and really love him. But I don’t know if that is a just a dream I have or if I could really find a dog like that. I know Hobbes would initially growl at any other dog coming in our house, he does this every time our friend brings her dog over – but then he kind of gets over that. So we would need to find a dog that wasn’t offended at being growled at and was patient with him. I might go looking for such a dog or I might just let things stay the way they are. It’s hard to overlook how relaxed and happy Hobbes seems right now.

April 2016