No Time To Write

by Vicki

I spent all last week in North Carolina – no time to write. Got home late on Saturday evening and still on Eastern Standard Time. Just time to walk the dogs and go to bed, since my body thinks it’s three hours ahead of Tucson time. Sunday brought an urgent need on the part of our dogs for their morning, walk and then a quick trip to the store to buy fruit for a salad I took to an Easter brunch. It was great to see friends at the brunch, but I had too many mimosas, so then home to take a nap to try to catch up on sleep deprivation. I had put off preparing my taxes before the trip, so Sunday night I had to begin this chore – no time to write.

Monday early morning yoga class taught by husband, Robert. Then to the bank and upon arriving home the dogs are waiting for their morning walk. I water my plants in the front and back yards. Then time for a shower, quick lunch and off to the TMC Hospice for my last 3 hour training session. Home on Monday evening to work more on my tax stuff, which needs to be done by Tuesday at 4:30 for our meeting with the tax lady. And of course there was the required evening dog walk. So I didn’t get time to write anything on Monday.

Tuesday – I am down to the wire to get my tax stuff ready. But first, walk my dogs and then go to friend’s house to walk her dog because she can’t anymore. Finally at home, I eat breakfast and water my plants. Now, I have several hours to do non-stop tax preparation. I am up to my elbows in receipts and slips of paper, but I get it done with an hour to spare – do I spend that hour writing? Oh no – I take a nap. Off to our tax meeting. It feels great to get that done and off my plate of things to do. When we get home, we have dinner before our Tuesday evening meditation class and then a birthday celebration for a friend after class. I fell asleep during meditation, so I’m ready for bed when we get home, but first the dogs need to be walked. So, no time to write on Tuesday.

Finally, it’s Wednesday, the day of our writing group. What am I going to do? Well, first I go to the early morning yoga class. Then home to eat breakfast and walk the dogs. Then I water my plants and re-pot a basil plant I bought on Sunday. Shower, meditate and I have one hour before our group meeting. So I sit down and write this quick description of why I didn’t have time to write.

So there actually was time to write.

April, 2012

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