How Vicki and Robert Met

by Vicki

Robert and I met in the university library. He was a real librarian there and I was a graduate student studying library science and working in a student job. There was a large group of people who worked in the library who were friends and did things together, and we were both part of that group. The group went out to lunch every Friday. Outside of work we had parties and played softball together. It was a fun group and Robert and I just started out as friends.

Later, after I graduated, I got my first professional job in the university library. The position was just a temporary one, but I jumped at the chance. At Christmas time, every other department in the library seemed to have holiday parties and go out lunch, but not my new department. I decided I wanted to go out for a Christmas lunch, so I started a group called the Friends of Vicki Mills, and invited my group to lunch. Robert became a founding member of the Friends of Vicki Mills. But over the months that we had been friends we had begun to be interested in each other. It was a slow development from two friends to one couple. But after our first dinner and movie together, that is what we were. So shortly after Christmas, he had become the unofficial president of the Friends of Vicki Mills and my best friend.

Robert asked me to marry him in March and again I jumped at the chance. All my family, my brother, sisters, their spouses and two new babies, were coming to Tucson for Mother’s Day that year, so we decided to take advantage of this and get married the day after Mother’s Day. Robert’s mother, aunt and sister were able to drive out from Kansas to attend the wedding. So on May 12 we were married. Robert has been the number one Friend of Vicki Mills from that day on and we will celebrate our 32nd anniversary in a less than a week.

May, 2012

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