Hobbes and the Toast

by Vicki

That morning I was running late and didn’t have time to make and eat my usual breakfast of oatmeal and fruit. So I just made a piece of toast with peanut butter on it. I left it on the kitchen counter and went into the bedroom to finish getting ready. When I went back into the kitchen, the toast wasn’t there. My first thought was Hobbes. He is one of my dogs and he is a notorious food thief. If I leave anything too close to the edge of the counter, he will get it. So I immediately blamed him for the disappearance of my toast. I called him into the kitchen and he came, looking very innocent, and with not a trace of peanut butter on him! I told him he was a bad boy. I wondered if he had shared the toast with Trina, our other dog, or if he had just eaten it himself. I looked around the house for toast crumbs or peanut butter smears, but there was nothing. I figured he must have eaten the whole thing right there in the kitchen. But he wasn’t admitting to anything. So I made another piece of toast with peanut butter and ate it quickly as I left the house.

I told several people that day about my disappearing toast and my thieving dog. I also told my husband, Robert, when he came home from work. Then Robert called me from our bedroom. He told me he had something to show me. I walked into the bedroom, and there on the dresser was a piece of toast with peanut butter, just like the one that had disappeared this morning. Robert was laughing. But I felt awful. Hobbes had been innocent all along. I had not only wrongly accused him, but I had told other people the story, making Hobbes out to be a thief. I would have to admit my mistake to all of them. I took the toast into the kitchen and cut it into four pieces. I gave one to each dog as I apologized profusely to Hobbes. I left the other two pieces of toast on the counter to be added to their diner bowls that night. I came back later and, of course, the two pieces of toast were missing. Hobbes had his revenge. I think he knew that he couldn’t be tried twice for the same crime.

March, 2012

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