Your Choice!

By Sally

Soon the election for our new President and Vice President will be upon us.

As we all know, this election can bring America back to the strength and power it used to have, provided we have the right leaders.

We need to use our God-given wisdom when selecting the ones who will lead us through the next four years – the next four years of our resistance to the enemy, our economy, our way of live we have been used to – and get back what has been slowly and unnoticeably taken away from us – from our constitutional rights we were given when America was first founded – rights that were to be ours, not for a few centuries, but throughout the existence of America.

There is a lot of emphasis put on gun control. It’s not the gun that brings the violence; it’s the hands it falls into. We, as Americans, have the right to defend our families. Even in the bible it states (Joel 3:10) “beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks to spears. Let the weak say, I am a mighty one.”

When God gave the Promised Land, the people had to go in and occupy it. That also meant “take over,” remove those who are there already. We need to once again occupy America.

So back to the voting. Use your wisdom, not your carnal thoughts. Think of your family’s future. It starts now – in your choice.

The government is to guide us, not to rule us, as it has become. For instance, “We need to be politically correct,” meaning our freedom of speech is being attacked. We aren’t feeding our children correctly (hinting to the government controlling our food supply). They have already changed our seeds so it’s hard to buy a package of regular seed without them being altered. The bailouts that were given result in things we don’t even realize that are being changed. Medicine is refused o people by their insurance companies because of government control. And so on.

Yes, we need to make the right choice in this election. So I urge you to do your research, and make a wise decision, because it could cost you and your family’s futures.

If you have a difficult time making a choice, I suggest you pray and ask for guidance. Ask, and wait for the answer.

Review our government’s past history. How did they react when certain things happened? Are we any better off now than we were from the last president? How did our nation get so much in debt – owing China and others? We have never had such a deficit in this nation before – why now? Why are our hostages being beheaded? Where is the rescue for them? What about the illegal refugees?

There are so many more questions we need to go over. Please take your time in making your decision.

September 2016