You Can Do It!

by Sally

You know as we get older, the idea of not being able to do what we used to really stems from the lack of confidence in what we can still do.

As we grow older, society has placed us into a category of “needing help.” Sure, there are quite a few of us who do need help, but giving us the right kind of help can give us the confidence we need to overcome the things we think we can’t do anymore.

I’m not talking about “hard love” therapy, but encouragement that can give us hope, confidence and the desire to strive, try harder, and do maybe not all, but a good amount of the things we used to do.

Because our bodies are tired, it doesn’t mean our minds are worn out and of no use – and vise versa. One can compensate for the other and we can find a happy medium without looking for that wheel chair or other article that will take the place of our actual exercise and accomplishment.

We hear of people with no hands painting with their teeth or toes! And all sorts of things people are doing, finding ways of overcoming their handicap instead of just giving up and settling for a care home encounter.

Stop and think of what you can do – not what you can’t do. You’ve probably heard of the verse, “All things are possible with God.” Well, put yourself together with God and see for yourself! It’s true – all things are possible. Just call out to God and be an over-comer of your circumstances. And not just an over-comer, but a conqueror!

May, 2013

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