Yes I Can!

By Sally

We all have been through a lot of things, especially if we are over 60. It seems things really have a different meaning in our lives, and our lives take on a different meaning without our realizing it. Before we become aware of our changes, we have begun to think differently, eat differently, dress differently, and have a great change in our concept of important things – what used to be fifth or even last, is now at the top of our list.

Some of the things we used to do without a second thought become our first thought – do I need help to do this? Our minds tell us we haven’t changed a bit and know an easier way to do things, while our bodies, and at times our incomes, dictate our activities. We find ourselves taking more interest in things we never gave a second thought to. Sometimes our dinner plates look like we’re going out to feed the rabbits instead of sitting down to a hearty meal of meat and potatoes.

The most (well almost) frightening thing I think is when we realize the way we think and our ideas are changing, telling ourselves, “I never would have settled for that when I was . . .”

It’s really not all of us that are changing. It’s the times – introduction of new gadgets, new ways of doing things – that take us back to the learning stage we thought we were done with. But we’ll never stop learning. And actually that’s one thing that can keep us going – to keep learning.

Some people are not okay with changes, and have a hard time with keeping up. But you can talk yourself into believing that you can do something differently. Just convince yourself that you’re okay and can overcome the changes in your life, and soon you’ll be helping others to overcome their blockades to change.

People try to help by telling you, “Don’t do that – get some help. Have your neighbor, son, etc. do it for you.” I had that happen to me and was beginning to believe I had no strength to mop the floor! By doing that I was actually making myself weaker – in my body by not using it, and in my thoughts by always thinking I needed help. Don’t fall into that trap. People want to help, but sometimes they are actually hindering you.

I had a patient who was walking okay. Then I didn’t see her for awhile. When I went there again, she was on a walker and was absolutely sure she couldn’t walk without it. By getting her to try, at last she realized she could walk on her own. Same here. They told me I’d be on oxygen all my life. I was determined not to be, and slowly I got myself off. It took about two years, but I did it. I had tanks for the car, a machine in the house with a 50’ cord, but I was convinced I could get off. But I also had help – prayer – by me and my friends.

So what I want to say is, don’t give up on yourself or your friends. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. Be positive and stop telling yourself you can’t, until you’ve tried – I mean, really tried. Because you too may be able to say, “Yes I can!”

July 2016