By Sally

Why do people take advantage (or try to) of another’s time of sorrow or misfortune? It gets me riled up when a person is tricked while doing something because of a death in the family. Okay, I’ll spill the beans (so to speak).

My grandson’s father passed away a couple of weeks ago. My grandson, who is 19, has been taking care of things. His dad lived in a mobile home park (a small one). When he was there getting some things from the mobile home, a member of the park management told him they had a contract and he had to pay the rent. (Well, the contract was between his dad and them.) The person said, “We have a year’s contract, and you need to pay the rent.” (Well, the contract was now null and void since the death.) Then the person said, “You cannot move the home.” (Another false statement – the park did not own the home, there was no such stipulation in the contract.)

Then (this is what topped it off), the person said, “I’ll give you a thousand dollars and you just walk away!”

My grandson is young, but he is no dummy! He told his mom and she found the contract and checked it out. Like I said earlier, there were no stipulations.

I’ve heard of this happening before. When there’s a death, people come in like flies to see what they can get. Or they make offers like that one – “just walk away” – taking advantage of a person’s time of mourning and heaviness before they have time to think.

Some of you probably think, “Oh that’s just business.” But at what cost to the other person?

I’m writing this to alert everyone to make sure they understand the circumstances that occur when a passing happens. Make sure you understand everything on your insurance policies, any contracts, and any legal type papers. If you aren’t aware of these, ask your spouse about them. Don’t say, “Everything is okay,” because when the time comes, they not be okay.

I’m not pushing fear or negative thoughts on you; I just want you to be aware of how some people (not all) will take advantage of a situation to fill their own pockets.

Remember, it is written, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Yes, one of the 10 commandments, and an important one.

April 2015

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