By Sally

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of “finicky cats.” Well, I have proof! I have a bowl in the bathroom with water for the cats, half tap, half filtered. They run through the house to get to that bowl and drink.

So, I put a bowl in the kitchen, same water, different bowl. They tried it, then stopped drinking out of it.

After a couple of weeks of putting in clean water, same as in the bathroom, they still went to the bathroom to drink. OK, I changed the bowl in the kitchen, clean water, and once again they wouldn’t drink that water.

This went on for a few months. Even though I changed the bowl, they would sniff it, take a taste, and return to the good ole bathroom bowl.

Trying to figure out what to do next, I got a bowl very, very similar to the other one – same shape, size, color and texture – filled it with the same water, and waited.

Oh my gosh! They drank the water in the kitchen! When I noticed the water level had gone down in that bowl, I was surprised. So what was the difference? I wondered.

I’ve been told animals are color blind (except for bulls raging at red), but when I put down the bowl just like the other one, they drank out of it!

Well, I haven’t come to any conclusion on that yet, except maybe they just enjoyed running to the bathroom. I really don’t know, and maybe never will. They’re just finicky, I guess.

August 2017