Who’s To Say

by Sally

Who is to say if you’re doing the right thing?

Who is to say if you can or cannot do what you’re thinking of?

Who is to say you are right in your actions or thinking?

It is your decision to change your ways, to accept circumstances, to follow the rules or to change the way you do things.

Who is to say?

You are to say!

Your thoughts, actions, beliefs, decisions – your life is yours, to live, to follow, to enjoy, to change.

That small inner voice inside you somehow speaks louder and stronger as you make your decisions. That little voice that can change your life in an instant by saying yes or no, go on or stop.

Is it your conscious or your heart? Is it your second thought, just before you start to do something? Is it a voice from your past that usually held you back? Are you anxious to break loose of the old routine and say, “Yes I can!”?

Is this to prove to yourself you really can? Or an urge to prove someone wrong?

Who is to say? Maybe it’s your voice from past experiences.

Who is to say?

August 14, 2013

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