Who Are You?

By Sally

Do you stop and think of what you read or watch or listen to? These things we do affect our lives, our lifestyle, our thoughts, and sometimes our actions. If we continue to watch drama – crime or programs that have sad and sick dying content – it will unknowingly direct our paths of life.

Continually watching crime programs will quench the feeling of awareness – feeling what is happening is wrong – and actually hardens our thoughts and feelings of caring for lives that are blotted out or changed because of crime. We get brainwashed because we get so accustomed to seeing it so when or if it happens, we have no remorse or feelings to help the victim. We lose our heart for caring about others.

The same results occur when we watch programs that are totally stupid. Unknowingly we begin to act stupid because in the programs it is camouflaged as cute and making people laugh.

What we read has the same effect. When we read, is it a fantasy, a love story (which is still on the verge of fantasy), or are we feeding our mind and body with something worthwhile? “Oh it takes me away from my worries.” Yes, and so do drugs, but does that mean it’s okay to do that?

Check yourself out. Do you want to improve your life? Have a better disposition? Increase your knowledge in a certain area? Then what are you doing about it?

If you went to college, are you using what you learned and getting your money’s worth? And using the hours you spent to benefit you or someone else?

Life isn’t about you alone. It’s about everyone in your life. It’s about the way you are to others, helping and educating them, using your special talents and gifts to the best of your ability.

Even if you are handicapped in some way, there is still something you can do. It may not seem like much, but to someone else it could make a great difference. Think about it. What can you do to not only help someone else but also yourself, by using what you have to give?

June 2016