Where Art Thou?

By Sally

Have you ever thought about changing your looks? Not so hard to do. How about changing your attitude, your way of life? Impossible is your reply. Well … maybe not so.

It’s somehow strange that when you change your looks, your attitude does change to some extent. It’s like when you put on a costume, a mask so no one will know who you are. And then you began to do things you normally wouldn’t do – because it’s not you – it’s the character that comes out of the “new look” you have put on.

If you wear your new look long enough, when you go back to your original appearance somehow the new character sort of lingers on. Why? Because you kind of liked that character. Why? Because that character didn’t have the faults the original you had. Those faults (or should we call them those hidden treasures) were no longer available since they were “masked” out.

So in a way, by hiding yourself under a false image you miss out on all the experiences of just being yourself and enjoying the exceptional traits you were born with but never got to know because they were covered with mask and costume.

Some people are afraid to be themselves because they don’t know themselves, or know what their selves are capable of.

Changing your looks does affect your way of doing things. After all, how often do women change the color and/or the style of their hair, and their dress style?

When they are young they want to be older; when they are old they want to be younger. No wonder men say they can never figure out a woman!

October 23, 2013

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