Where Are We

by Sally

Did you ever drive down a road you’ve never been on just to see where it leads, and found yourself engulfed in beautiful trees and mountains, and just sat there in awe of the beauty of nature? Or end up at a dead end where the road all of a sudden disappears and you are left with the decision of trying to go further and see if it starts up again or to turn around and go back to where you started?

It was kind of that way when my friend and I packed a lunch to go to Bisbee, and decided to take the rough route through the Cherokee Mountains in my old pickup truck (instead of around the mountain we went over it).

We came to a spot that was a dead end, but felt the road was sure to start up again just a little further on – but in which direction?

After eating some lunch we walked around and decided to go one way – straight ahead! So we started going slowly though the trees, looking for signs of a road. Not much looked promising, but we kept going.

We drove along, slowly and carefully, and suddenly realized we were on the side of the mountain, on an unkempt road with only room enough for one vehicle, but we kept going, enjoying the adventure. Suddenly we found ourselves going onto a well prepared, paved road. But where were we? We had no idea which way to go – left or right. We had no idea. Our decision was to go left. So out of the mountain we plopped down in our old pickup onto this highway and found ourselves heading towards a town. But what town? We didn’t know but we kept going.

After some time passed we found ourselves at our destination – Bisbee! Wow!!

We enjoyed that very much, but would think twice about doing it again.

I still go on roads to see where they go. I always have enjoyed doing that, but now I take plenty of water, food and my cell phone (even if it probably wouldn’t work, at least I have it with me). And since I don’t have a truck anymore, I’m kind of limited. But I would still enjoy a good adventure.

Sept 2012

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