What Was That?

By Sally

I was dog sitting and had to get up at 5 AM to let the dogs outside before it got too hot for them, usually bringing them back in around 9-9:30. After letting them out, I usually go back to bed.

Last night, or should I say morning, I heard a sound go over the house – very strong, loud and smooth, not like a plane that has variation in its engine sounds, but more like a hum, a steady, unwavering sound, steady without variation.

I lay there listening, trying to recognize the source, but I couldn’t. As I tried, many ideas went through my mind. Was it a plane, a new type of plane? A missile? A meteor? (Not that I know what a missile or a meteor would sound like). But these things did go through my thoughts. Not coming to an answer, I was pretty sure it wasn’t an aircraft.

I listened as it came into the atmosphere of where I was, and passed through, hearing its sound, mild the strong, stronger and louder, still without any vibration or variation – a steady hum-like noise.

As it passed over on its way, I listened ‘til it faded out of my hearing, which was a while since it was so strong and powerful. I finally fell back asleep.

I texted my daughter. She starts work at 5 AM in mirror lab at the U of A, to see if she heard or knew of anything. Unfortunately, because of their location, under the football stadium, they don’t hear anything.

She asked a few others who didn’t get to work ‘til later if they heard anything. One co-worker said she did hear something. That made me feel better!

I guess growing up in the WWII era, having to hide every time a plane flew over, has made me aware of unusual noises. Actually, I wake up at any noise – force of habit, I guess.

I turned on the news, and no word. “Of course,” I thought, “There won’t be anything about it if it’s different. They need to investigate and get their stories and explanation straight.” Just like the time my dad worked at White Sands, New Mexico. You didn’t hear about any not-normal things ‘til 10 years later! But you knew, ‘because you were there. And even though you didn’t have actual knowledge, you knew things happened.

I wish I would have gone outside with the dogs to see the sky. My mistake. But I’ll be sure if anything like that happens again, I will run out with my camera. I could kick myself for not doing it this time. But, you know, there may have been no lights to see what was happening, just the sound – the sound of a long, constant hum.

September 2017