What Can I Do?

By Sally

Are you retired from choice or from consequences? Either way, I’m sure there has been a time when you thought, “When will this end?” I don’t have enough to go on – all I do is work, sleep, eat, work!

You have felt this way, especially if you are in the lower income bracket. There were times when I worked two jobs and went to school just to improve my life and take care of expenses. Times when I thought, “If I ever get above this constant struggle to cover my cost of living expenses, I will buy myself something each payday, even if it’s only a candy bar or ice cream. And maybe . . . well . . . the list could go on.

Of course the extra gift to myself was after my responsibilities were totally taken care of. But there was also a time when all I could afford to eat (even though I was working) was a 10 cent ice cream cone (my daily food, and when you could buy an ice cream for only 10 cents). A lot of us (I’m sure) take care of the needs of our family first, then ourselves, and this seems like an on-going situation.

When I was working two jobs and going to school, my school was free as long as I worked afterwards for $5.00 an hour.

But what I want you to know, and understand, is that somehow things change for the better. And that somehow is through prayers and faith. It’s not the hardships we go through, but what we do with the things we do go through. It’s how we handle and overcome our trials and stumbling blocks that results in the rest of our lives. And it also prepares us for future difficulties because life is not a smooth ride. There are a lot of bumps and huge ditches to go through.

The best advice I can offer is to try to find something good out of each situation. And constantly and faithfully pray. Things may not change the next day, or even six months from now. But if you’re faithful with your prayers, it will change. So speak and think positively, and it’ll rub off on you for the change you need and are expecting.

I am past retirement age and still working (only part time), but I love my job, and am happy to be able to help others. I feel blessed that I am able to help someone less fortunate than I, and there are a lot of people who desperately need our help, even for a couple of hours a day or week.

Would you consider volunteering to aid in the life of someone else who is not as fortunate as you are?

December 2015