We Are

By Sally

We are wrinkles of Wisdom, white hairs of experience

A little slower because we’ve learned that to rush doesn’t help

We may forget a word or two – that’s only because we’re looking for a better word to connect with the age group we are talking to

We don’t need a lot of things – because what we need is love

A good day for us is to receive a pleasant word

We are comfortable now because we’ve been through what you are about to go through

We may see things through glasses, but in our minds we already know that they look like

We have joy in our hearts as we go through our memories, and tears as we remember our sorrows

We don’t hear well sometimes, but always hear the voice of our Lord as He directs our day

We see on the walls and know that there are angles around us

We are old and sometimes forgotten – but we know that we will always be remembered in the heart of our Lord

January 2015

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