We Are Blessed

by Sally

Being a caregiver takes you into many different levels of medical provisions. Last week I sat with a woman (to watch her in case she tried to pull out the tubes) who needed dialysis treatments. She was connected to a machine that draws the blood out of the body, brings it into the machine, cleanses and purifies the blood, and returns it to the body, all in one even movement.

There’s a connection in the patient’s right chest area that remains so when the treatment is needed there is no needle jabbing because it’s always there. They go through that procedure three times a week for the rest of their lives.

After sitting there four hours, and watching her and the many others in that room, I became more aware of how blessed I am not to be sitting in that chair. Sure, I’ve had many sicknesses and operations, but have always come out on the sinning side. I want to tell all of you who complain about things that you are blessed. Receive it and thank the Lord for all of your healings.

April, 2013

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