Wanna Be A Snowball?

by Sally

Did you ever wonder why all the storms, floods, tornados, etc. are happening in our nation? Sure we’ve had storms and other happenings before, but do you remember them being so fierce, so strong, so many? And each one leaving its destruction behind. And all kind of starting with 9-11 (hmm).

Why, as it seems to some, why now? Why so many? Could it be that God is fed up with our actions? (And we think we are getting away with it.)

Let’s look at a short list of our actions. We’ll start with pride, lust, murder, stealing, untruths, same sex marriages, etc. I think you get the point. But all we have to do is love (not sexual love, but a friendly love, a helping love). God said, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Do you really know your neighbor? And also, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” I heard that remark – “I don’t love myself.”

Come on, lose your self pity and start living by introducing yourself to a new you. Look in the mirror and analyze yourself. Do you see a peaceful you, a sad you? Be truthful with yourself. Talk to yourself. Ask questions of yourself. Stare at yourself until you can come to an answer of what you can do to improve you – your life, your family.

It all starts with you. You are the first step to loving your neighbor as yourself. Only your learning how to love yourself and then your peace and joy you find will flow out to others and continue on live a huge snowball. Wouldn’t you like to be the start of something new? Like a new you!

Start with a smile and see how that smile grows. Start your own snowball and enjoy the chain reactions it brings. Be daring! Look happy! Hey – maybe your snowball can stop the next storm.

February, 2013

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