Wake Up!

By Sally

It appalls me to watch and hear how money hungry people are. There is no dividing line between who is or is not. From our neighbor to our elected government – our congressmen, senators, judges. From the smallest title to the highest there is no line drawn separating them.

I’m not trying to target anyone special or make you suspicious of anyone, but we need to keep our eyes open, ears alert, and be aware of others’ circumstances and how desperate they are or how far they will go.

There was a time when we could trust and believe our elected officials. But now there are reports of even our former presidents having other interests – as far back as Roosevelt and maybe farther, making room for the coming new world order (which, by the way, isn’t that much farther away; it has been in the making for some time).

There are things happening all the time that come upon us so silently we don’t realize what’s happening until we are suddenly prohibited from doing something we were guaranteed by our constitution.

Take freedom of speech – now it’s politically correct (a soft way of putting it) freedom of religion. And in the process, the way we raise and feed our children. We are already limited by our medical insurance companies – our medications – our health care programs – if you’re not a senior, you don’t really understand – YET.

We need to wake up and when our government is passing a new bill, look into it and write our congressmen with your opinion. What to do in the meantime? Pray – it sounds simple, but prayer is powerful – no need for a long-exaggerated prayer – but to continue your request – thoughts – each day – as it states – the fervent prayer of the righteous.

To love your neighbor is the rule. But not to go along with what they do if it is the wrong – against people and our nation. Pray your concern and call your congressman. Pray diligently – with love.

April 2016