Unwanted Visitors

By Sally

I’m sitting here trying to get an idea of what to write, watching my cats knock off things from my table – a normal day.

The other night we were in the living room when we all (cats & me) heard a big noise. We just sat there looking at each other like – What was that?

I thought the neighbor was doing something in his yard, so I looked out the window. No one was out there. It was quite a racket, so I decided to step out the door to see if anything happened.

Seeing my skirting had been torn off the rail, I slowly walked towards it. Something had pulled it open to make a doorway and was under my home.

I stood behind the opening trying to look inside when a teenage javelina came running out and across the street.

“Oh, great!” I thought. Well, they usually go in groups of three, so I waited quietly for another to come out. Sure enough, a few minutes later another teenager came out and ran across the street. I knew there had to be one more. The third one poked his head out and went back in. So I started to talk to it quietly, telling it he had to leave; couldn’t stay under my home.

After a few minutes, he poked his head out again and ran across the street. I closed the opening as well as I could and called my daughter (daughter/handyman) and she came over after work.

The opening got sealed with some hefty screws and bolts. She also got a repellant and put that under the house before closing, and put it around the area. I found out ammonia is a good deterrent. So far they have not returned.

But every once in a while they show up on my patio.

November 2018