By Sally

Did you ever wonder (and I believe you have) what would have happened if things were different? Why is this happening to me? If I only paid attention to the little urge not to do that or this the way I did. Or – Why did I say that? I really didn’t mean to (but it was in your thoughts). Why did I do that? (‘Cause a little voice said, “What the heck, go do it or you’ll never have another chance.)

Sometimes the little voices or urges we get are not always true. And we need to think a little longer about what we would like to do and actually do.

Some of us are spontaneous, and that actually works out quite well – for some of us. Others need to think things over. Sometimes we think so much we get confused and cannot decide on an answer. There are so many pros and cons for every situation that we can get to a point where there seems to be no way to turn, and we are hesitant to make a choice.

Where am I going with this? At this point I haven’t a clue. But before I’m through, I know I will have an answer – and probably one that some of you will not agree with. But that’s OK, because we are all different. We’re created that way!

Yes, we were each created differently, with different views, speech, thoughts. You name it, we’re different! But that’s a good thing. It’s what creates ideas for inventions, art, solving problems. We must admit all problems are not the same and take different solutions. But what if we can’t come to a solution? What then? Ah Ha! Here it comes. We go to God. You don’t need to get on your knees, look holy, cry, yell out (although sometimes we do). But God is not deaf! He hears everything! No matter your tone of voice. Some of my cries to Him were while just walking around my home and talking to Him like he was a person right there with me. And yes, I’ve always gotten an answer. It may have not been what I wanted, but yes, I did get an answer! (The answer may not come immediately, but it will come.) Sometimes we don’t ask because down deep we know the answer. If that’s the case, just thank Him and go with that. We can’t have an answer the way we want all the time. That’s life. But our choice is our choice, and we have to live with it whether we were right or wrong. Although there’s no turning back, there is always room for correction.

My best friend and I are different. She’s right minded; I’m left minded. We clash, or should. If we don’t follow what the other one is saying a lot of the time, or if I wiz by her with a thought or statement, I get 20 questions. So although I’m not “walking on eggs,” I have to reword my thought. She is straight forward; I am varied. But we still are friends and love each other, and being aware of our differences is helping us to understand things differently.

So just remember, we are all different – in our looks, our thinking, and so on. And I thank the Lord that we are!

April 2015

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