Universal Language of Animals

By Sally

For some time I’ve had animals show up on my doorstep – horses, turkeys, javelina, packs of dogs, cats – they were either lost, hungry or just wanted company.

One AM as I walked out my door to go the work (I lived outside of town about 5 miles from Old Tucson) my neighbor called out to me, “Hey Sally. You have company.” I looked around and saw two horses calmly standing in my yard (we each had 5 acres). I went to them and tried to lead them into my partly fenced yard. One started to follow and then stopped waiting for the other. I had to get to work, so I said (to the horses), “I’ve got to go,” and began to walk away. My neighbor yelled out, “They’re following you.” So I slowly walked to the fenced area and walked them through, closing the gate. My neighbor thought she knew who they belonged to and would call them. When I got home that night, they were gone.

Now that I live in town, there is no difference – no horses, but cats, coyote and javelinas. I was standing on my porch when a baby javelina came up to me and just stared at me. He started to eat one of my plants and I quietly told him not and to go. A few minutes later I was on my porch talking on the phone with my daughter when baby javelinas returned, but this time with mama and papa. The stood there looking at me like they were expecting something. I told my daughter, “I think I’m being invaded and I’m going to go slowly into the house.” No moves were made by the javelinas.

Then sometime later a coyote was running down the street in front of my car as I was coming home. I thought it was a dog. “Look at that dog running down the middle of the street.” Then I realized it was a coyote. A few days later it showed up in my yard – a beautiful young German Shepherd/coyote. We became good friends and he was very playful. I had no problems petting and feeding him, and he followed me as I walked around my yard. Sometimes he would come up behind me and put his nose on my leg, letting me know he was there. There was a complaint from one of the neighbors, so another lady and I tried to find him a home. He ended up in a refuge home in Wilcox. We aren’t allowed to visit him or call regarding him. I watch the road still seeing if he will return. I miss him still.

Now I have a cat that comes to my door and talks with my cat. They carry on a good conversation. If the door is closed, the cat knocks on the door. And my cat goes crazy hollering ‘til I open the door so they can talk. I’ve been giving him a little food – the cat was so hungry. Someone totally declawed him (I realized when I picked him up), so it had no means of getting any food. He’s a beautiful cat and loving.

One day the cat was doing its growling standoff with another cat that also came for food. Even though he had no claws to back up his growl, he was still standing his ground. My cat was watching through the screen door like an excited fan at a game. Now my cat looks for the other cat all the time. The other day a young girl came over and saw the cat stand-off and spoke to the cat in Spanish. The cat obeyed. I looked at my cat and said, “I didn’t know you knew Spanish!” He just looked at me with his big eyes as if to say, “Of course I do.”

November 2014

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