Two Words

By Sally

(Sally’s two words were “boat” and “hose”)

I rented a small boat to go fishing. It was a small lake, but I heard it was pretty good if you wanted to get your supper cheap (well, renting a boat, and getting tackle and bait isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s a good way to spend the day). I threw my line in and waited.

Not anchored, the boat drifted a little, but that was okay with me. After an hour my line got hold of something. I started to pull it in. Whatever was on the like wouldn’t give in. In fact, it was moving the boat towards itself.

Finally I was able to bring it in. “Ah, supper,” I thought. But when it came to the surface, supper was not in sight, only an old torn up hose. As I pulled it out, there was supper. A small fish came sliding out into my lap. I could have done better at the super market.

April 2016