Two Cats

By Sally

I have accepted two cats from a friend who’s getting married and her husband-to-be is allergic to cats. The cats have been at my house several times when she traveled, so they quickly made themselves at home.

My cat immediately took guard over my bedroom (his normal territory outside of the whole house) to make sure neither of them crossed the line of the doorway threshold. He guarded his territory by lying on the bed facing the door, or lying in the middle of the doorway (making it kind of difficult for me to get in and out).

I also have two neighbor cats that come over for food whenever they are hungry (they are not the best of friends even though they come from the same family). One of them comes to the screen door, puts his paws on the door, and shakes it – like someone knocking – and sometimes yells at the same time.

Today he came to the door. It was open and my two new tenants were looking out and watching. (Oh, by the way, one of them is a boy and the other one a girl. I’ll call them Joe and Jane for short.) Anyway, Joe was looking at this cat with a very interested attitude. Jane was watching. Joe and the cat met nose to nose through the screen door. Well, Jane didn’t like that idea at all. Before I knew it, Jane jumped up and swatted Joe on the head and took two steps away, watching Joe to see what he was going to do. (I could hardly keep quiet while I was laughing.) Then Jane did it again, because Joe didn’t move and the other cat was still at the door.

I just couldn’t help myself. I laughed out loud and said, “You jealous little thing.” Jane looked at me as if to say, “Darn right I am. He’s my man, and I’m not going to share!”

I remember one time when someone said animals are like humans. Well, that proved it. Maybe humans should be more like animals and not share partners. (Hmm, just a thought . . .)

March 2015

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