Turn The Other Cheek

by Sally

We say things jokingly but there are times when our joking becomes a hindrance, a hurt, a thorn in someone’s side. And the worst part of it is we don’t know how that joking word has settled into the heart, feelings and life of that person. Oh sure, you say, they thought it was funny. But was it really received that way – funny – or did it sink deeply into that person’s life. Yes, their life!

No doubt you forget about it and go on your merry way, but the person who received that word carries it with them, sometimes for the rest of their lives. Things will be going along nicely when out of nowhere that word comes into their thoughts again. Each time that happens, if the person isn’t very strong, it goes deeper and deeper, lodging itself into position to be never forgotten.

We need to be more caring of our words, not expecting all to be well by laughingly saying, “I’m just joking.” Our time on this earth does not send you a reminder, “Hey, you’ve got six months, better spruce up.” No, we have no idea of our allotted time. So, if people have hurt you, just make the best of it. Forget it. Forgive them. Dismiss the words from your memory. Don’t let them hang on and get stronger. Release them from your memory. And when you see that person again, say something good back to them. Because they most likely don’t remember what they had said to you.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Turn the other cheek.” Well, it’s time people. Time to turn that other cheek, and release yourself of any more thorns in the side.

November, 2012

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