Thought on Thought

By Sally

Have you ever thought of how each one of us looks at things differently? You can sit a room of people in the same chair, which would be probably passé. But set in front of that group one item and ask for their opinion and you would get a different answer from each one.

God created us all in his image, but also made each one of us different. Then you add their lifestyles, their experiences and their culture, and you have a room full of people with the case creator but people so different from each other it makes you wonder how people get together and agree on something!

How you can put the same dress on five people and each one would look different – some great, some pretty good, and some just plain yuk!!

But I guess that’s what makes life interesting at times, and at other times rather disturbing.

Just hang in there and I’m sure you’ll come across someone who will line up with your plans – maybe.

November 13, 2013

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