This Past Weekend 1

by Sally

This past weekend I spent Saturday and Sunday in a class for understanding and helping those who have lost a loved one.

I am a volunteer. I care for people who are hurting, not only those in bereavement, but also the patients. I went through training and then helped in the Hospice inpatient unit. When people asked what I did and I told them Hospice, they would say (approximately), “You’re with the people who are dying? How can you do that? I couldn’t do that, be around death and sickness!”

I would smile and say, “It’s not what you imagine. It’s giving those who are ill a chance to live in a place of care, true care, with people who care – in dignity – receiving what they need, giving them the love and attention they need, and giving the family a place of assurance, knowing their loved one is being cared for in the best way.”

These people are still making decisions (in their own minds) even though some of them are not responsive to talking – they still feel, still have needs, still like to have someone around, even if it’s just to sit with them. I could go on and on explaining their needs and my feelings toward their care and needs. – But –

Then there is the afterwards – the family and friends that are left behind – the sorrow, which can easily turn into an illness. Cancer is formed (sometimes) from stress – sorrow, worries, etc. These families need help just as much as the patient, and there is help to be had.

I care for these people too. I want to be a part of their return to a normal life.

I myself suffered from many sicknesses and have been healed many times – from cancer, fevers, pneumonia, depression, and the last congestive heart failure. But now, thanks to God, I am totally healed and I jump at the chance to tell anyone about my sickness and my healing.

I want to see others be healed too – and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be – and live a joyful life as I am doing now. I am giving back what was given back to me – giving back hope, giving back life! Giving God’s love to those who are in darkness and suffering. Giving love and healing. Giving of myself as we should all do.

I am having difficulty ending this writing because it is not the end – right now there is no end. It’s just the tip of the iceberg!

March, 2012

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